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“Sebastian represents the elite group of students who take their education seriously…. I am not surprised in the very least that he has met with the success he has, and I hope more students follow suit,” Benjamin says. Hernandez says connecting with professors is a great way to explore projects. Their professors encouraged them to pursue the blog – which will help build her resume as a journalist. Like many professional journalists, she works on social media, creates websites and provides content, such as stories, videos and images for their platform. Journalism and Media Professor Lilliam Martinez-Bustos recalls Hernandez’s enthusiasm to meet people in the industry and to learn from professionals. She says efforts like TwoTrends show how students acquire skills in FIU needed to find their own space and build a career for themselves. “Espe was always very active and she understood the weight of having an internship and just plain being out there,” Martinez-Bustos says. The pair advises people interested in creating an online presence to focus on what makes them unique from everyone else, to create content often and to network with others in the industry. “Don’t limit yourself,” Hernandez says. “If you have to hustle it, hustle it.

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