It’s not quite the same thing. It’s a matter of how all of this works together how you shop online on your phone, on your laptop, in a store.” Giving back with God’s Love We Deliver and the U.N. World Food Program Watch Hunger Stop “We live a very fast life in New York. A lot of people are very privileged. I tell everyone, ‘Go deliver a meal. It will change your world.'” Why is Asia so important to everyone’s business? “Everyone has to remember the best word in fashion is ‘curiosity,’ so if you have a customer who is excited, inspired, enthused and curious isn’t that the best business opportunity? Now we’ve seen there is less variance from region to region. Maybe we sell more boots in Moscow or more sandals in Singapore, but our customer travels and they actually have a very similar point of view.” Sizing up Mario Testino’s shots of Edie Campbell in the new fall campaign “I love that she’s so จั๊มสูทขาสั้น ราคา chic and so bored.

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