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Heres How Geofencing Helps Brick-and-Mortar Stores Compete in an Increasingly Digital World

In cheapest online shopping sites in usa fact, despite the rise of ecommerce, they have either remained the same or increased over the past couple of years, with more than 90 percent of consumer spending still happening in the real world, according to U.S. best online shopping websites Census data. Forced to step up their game by online sellers offering convenience, brick-and-mortar stores can’t be outdone when it comes to the human element. One of the major reasons that in-store shopping is still very much alive is down to the retailer’s commitment to improving the customer experience. And one of the most powerful tools online shopping sites for electronics they’re using to do this is geofencing. Geofencing incorporates GPS or RFID technology to generate a virtual boundary in a certain geographical location, which then enables software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a certain area. If you’ve ever visited a nearby Starbucks based on an ad you were served while using Waze, you’ve been a happy victim of this technology. However, geofencing marketing’s success doesn’t solely rely on its ability to drive customers into physical locations. It enhances their in-store experience as well. “When a retailer decides to geofence their store locations, they need to figure out ways that enhance the in-store shopping experience, instead of focusing solely on driving foot traffic,” says Roger Woods, director of mobile product and strategy for Adobe . “They should start with promoting customer satisfaction and loyalty and, over time, this is the best way to influence more people visiting the store.” Using geofencing to enhance the customer experience by delivering an in-store “cool factor” can have a major impact on sales.

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