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Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May composite image Mr Corbyn finished by saying: "If they cannot negotiate a good deal, would it not be better if they just got out of the way?" You could be forgiven for thinking that's not really a question. It almost looks like Mr Corbyn isn't speaking to Theresa May and other MPs. A couple of hours later after Prime Minister's Questions finished, a video appeared on the Labour leader's Facebook feed showing this exact segment, cut down to a 41-second clip, with "Tories' shambolic Brexit negotiations" written at the top. Mr Corbyn's broad-brush criticisms of the government might seem odd, given the week's events, and the question-and-answer format. But clipped up and pumped into people's Facebook feeds, it's an eye-catching piece of political communication. It makes complete sense lifted from the context of PMQs, and is timeless - people can share it in a week, or a month, and it will still make sense. So how did Mrs May respond to Mr Corbyn's "question"? Well, she went on a scripted rant of her own, accusing Labour of misleading students on writing off tuition fee debt. She even brought along a leaflet from the election campaign to prove her point - so this was clearly pre-prepared. Why would she go completely off-topic, rather than defending her government's record against Mr Corbyn's criticisms? For exactly the same reason as Mr Corbyn.

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